Do triunfo da vida

«This series was an exploration of the universality of the human experience during COVID — how it seeps into every corner of the world and layers itself on top of existing strife or circumstance. All at once, everything has changed so much and yet so little: The oceans are still warming, institutional racism is ever-present, parents still have to work and raise their children.

I wanted this series to be diverse, inclusive and broad in its range. One of my favorite things about illustration is that it is arguably for everyone. I'm not pitching to a specific audience, I am trying to start a conversation with every person who looks at my work. In order to do that, as an artist, you need empathy to place yourself in this narrative and understand the nuances. I focused on an individual in each image as a sort of micro/macro dichotomy, making each a giant — larger than life, larger than their situation. It's kind of a love letter to humanity, I suppose, despite the darkness of our situation».

Zoë van Dijk, artista de Los Angeles que ilustrou 5 capas do jornal POLITICO, numa série intitulada ‘The triumph of life’ e que pode ser vista aqui https://politi.co/2ZYxJ1F

Marta Romão, diretora-geral BDC - Empower to Lead